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Where did you get the idea to attempt running 52 marathons in 52 countries and set 52 Guinness World Records?

I have always been fascinated by world records, since getting the Guinness World Records book as a child and watching the TV show. I never really considered actually breaking a record, until adulthood when I realised it was achievable. Just after I started running marathons in 2009, I heard about Larry Macon, a man in his 60´s that held the world record of 105 marathons in a calendar year. I thought if he can do it why not me, then I got the idea of travelling the world, running 52 marathons and attempting 52 world records, instead of running over a hundred marathons (the current record is 239) for one world record.

How long have you been running?

I did a little bit of cross country and track running in High School, but that was mainly to get out of class and I did not take is super seriously. In 2009 I did the Vancouver Marathon, I thought I would just do one to say I have done a marathon. However 6 months later I heard the nearby Seattle Marathon was taking place, which I competed in and have been hooked for ever since.

What are the biggest challenges you anticipate in the coming year?

This will not be an easy challenge, there are a number of hurdles that I will face. These include the possibility of injury (I have had a number of calf and Achilles injuries in the past few years), funding the trip, managing to schedule 52 different marathons in 52 different countries that are world record eligible and documenting the record attempts as per Guinness World Records requirements. This includes getting photo/video footage of myself racing and completing the relevant witness statements.

What do you plan on doing between races?

I plan to see the local sites of the places I will visit and document it on the daily vlogs I will have on my Youtube channel.

What does your website/Youtube channel name 42point2 mean?

42.2 is the number of kilometers in a marathon (rounded up. The actual figure is 42.195km)

Are there any runners that have inspired you?

Terry Fox is definitely the one which stands out. Terry lost his leg to cancer in 1977 and three years later he made the bold plan to run across Canada and raise $1 million for cancer research. He hobbled across the country on his artificial leg averaging the distance of a marathon a day, until his cancer returned about half way into the journey and he had to abandon the ´Marathon of Hope´. By this time he had become a celebrity and within a year of the start of the run had raised $23 million. With the introduction of the Terry Fox Run over $750 million has been raised for cancer reasearch and despite Terry Fox not being a big name worldwide, he is still one of the most famous people in Canada, 37 years after his death.

Are you running for charity?

No, I had considered this briefly, but to be honest the main reason I would have chosen to do this, would have been to draw more attention to my attempt. 

But don´t let that stop you from donating. Here are some charities I recommend.       

Unicef -
Amnesty International -
Reporters Without Borders -

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