Muscat Marathon

Muscat Marathon

January in Oman offers ideal weather conditions for combining sport, adventure and discovery. Our marathon travel partners will ensure that you experience first class accommodation and remarkable hospitality during your stay in Muscat during Muscat Marathon 2016 Keen to fly at discounted ‘runners’ rates? Looking to book transfers and accommodation near to the race? Maybe you’d like an extended stay in the Sultanate that allows you to kick back and relax after you’ve run the marathon. With SEAOMAN, the Sultanate’s premier charter company, you even have the chance to experience the Oman’s stunning coastline by sea. Whatever marathon experience you’re after, this year’s travel packages have something for everyone.

Event Date: 18/01/2019
Country: Oman
Record Attempt: Fastest marathon wearing swim fins (flippers)
Current Record: 4:30:00
Actual Finish Time: 5:11:00
Success: No
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