About the challenge

In 2019 I will be attempting to run 52 marathons, in 52 countries and set a Guinness world record in each one. Inspired from races such as the London marathon, which encourage ordinary people to dress up and try to become Guinness world record holders.

I have always had an interest in Guinness world records, since getting the book as a child and watching the TV show. I did not however consider attempting to break a record, as they all seemed to be incredible efforts which normal people could not even dream of matching.

In high school I ran a little bit, however it was mainly to get out of class. I took up running properly in 2009 to run the Vancouver marathon. I only intended to do one, just to say I have done it. But I soon got hooked and shortly after heard about Larry Macon, a man in his 60´s who had run a world record 105 marathons in one year. I thought if he can manage something like that, why can´t I, though I never seriously looked into breaking a record at that time.

Around 5 years later the world record for most marathons run in a year had jumped up to somewhere around 160. I then had the idea of 52 in 52 in 52 in 52. Why should I run 160+ marathons (the record is now 269) for one world record, when I could run 52 marathons and aim to break 52 Guinness world records!

Now in 2019, I have decided to take the plunge and go for it. I can´t wait to travel around the world, run in some amazing locations and hopefully break a lot of world records.

Bring on the "Year of the marathon"!
52 Weeks, 52 Countries, 52 Marathons, 52 World Records?
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